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We help companies to create digital activities with high added value to promote a destination or tourist company or motivational experience.
Corporate Team Building
We are experts in developing digital activities to motivate teams. From indoor & outdoor escape games, gymkhanas, treasure hunts, quizzes, icebreakers or training games for events, meetings or incentives. We have customizable standard games and we also develop custom projects. We work anywhere in the national or foreign territory.
Agencias MICE & Viajes
We create interactive tourist activities for travel agencies and technological team buildings for event, incentive and communication agencies. Through our downloadable mobile or tablet apps, we create self-guided city tours, urban escape games, outdoor treasure hunts and other customizable interactive gamification dynamics for groups. We provide technical and logistical support onsite anywhere in Spain or abroad.
Oficinas Turismo y Hoteles
We develop tourism gamification projects to promote destinations, cities, leisure parks, hotels and resorts through downloadable digital experiences in our app. We create value-added experiences so that the visitor can explore, discover and get to know unique places of the destination in an interactive, fun and immersive way with their partner, family or friends. Know and learn playing in different formats from self-guided city tours, photographic safaris or urban escape games created to suit each client. Various content and challenges from questions, multimedia, puzzles, or ingenuity missions.

Nuetras actividades indoor y outdoor

Nuestras actividades interactivas están diseñadas para realizarse tanto en en lugares cerrados como al aire libre, en una ciudad o espacio exterior, empleando sistemas de geolocalización y accesibles desde nuestras apps.
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GincanaTeam Building

Walk Together

Walk Together is a completely virtual team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It focuses on the well-being of the staff, giving them reasons to get up from their workstation and...

GincanaTeam Building

Tech Rally

Tech Rally is a technological gymkhana that allows you to explore a city in a gamified way with the help of a tablet through a geolocated game that contains our app.

Escape GamesTeam Building

Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall is an exciting iPad-driven outdoor escape game where players take on the role of secret agents.

Escape GamesTeam Building


Blackout is a Cyber-Spy-Hacking-Game in interactive urban escape format guided by geolocable iPads, where the participating teams must neutralize a dangerous attack on the city's energy sources that can paralyze the lives of its inhabitants.

Escape GamesTeam Building

Secret Safe

Secret Safe is an iPad-guided, fully collaborative TresureHunt activity for team play by forming alliances. During the challenge, participants will travel around the world to solve different challenges and missions to find a treasure hidden...


Ipad Rally

Ayudamos a las empresas a crear actividades digitales de alto valor añadido para potenciar un destino o empresa turística o experiencia motivacional.

Nuetras actividades indoor y outdoor









Our indoor and outdoor activities

Our interactive activities are designed to be carried out both indoors and outdoors, in a city or outer space, using geolocation systems and accessible from our apps.
Outdoor or indoor gymkhana
We design different team building activities both inside hotels or convention centers, as well as outdoors, guided by mobile devices, geolocated and monitored in real time. We create ad-hoc content and storytelling for the client and adapt to their needs and key messages.
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Treasure hunt
A series of clues lead players to a "treasure." Competition and collaboration assured, team members have to work together while consulting with the rest of the group to reach the next challenge.
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Escape Games
A game based game where players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and perform activities in one or more locations to progress and achieve a specific goal in a limited time. We develop them both indoors and outdoors.
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iPad Rally
The iPad Rally is probably the most modern version of a treasure hunt, it takes teams with the help of a special application to particular places in the city or the countryside. Participants answer questions, with fun photo or video challenges, and discover places in the environment. The different strengths of the participants come into action to compete against the other teams and win the iPad Rally.
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Photographic Safari
An interactive real world game where players focus on taking photos and videos acting with the environment and completing certain tasks and missions.
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City Tour
An interactive game with the real world in which players explore the city through exciting challenges in different locations. The game is played with an iPad, in the challenges you must use real objects of the city such as: squares, monuments, street signs, buildings, etc...
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Event Icebreakers
We develop activities, games, experiences or gamified dynamics with a high technological and interactive component for events, incentives, entertainment and tourist leisure.
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Conference Gamification
Is an event coming up that requires a dynamic and interactive icebreaker to break the ice or encourage networking? We have several gamification solutions for boring meetings that need that fun-filled break and activation.
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Discounts for volume of participants.

Depending on the size of the group, we offer discounts on the volume of participants based on gaming licenses


Customization and customization of bespoke games

Most of our dynamics and interactive activities are partially and totally customizable based on the client's needs. From the storytelling and content of missions, questions, challenges and multimedia material.


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