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Enjoy from your mobile or tablet the new way of discovering the city while you have fun, learn and explore with your partner, family or friends. Choose your game and experience Urban Escape Rooms and original Gamified Tours, in addition to being able to benefit from discounts or offers in the most emblematic places.
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You can buy the game whenever you want. Once you are in the city where the game is available, go to the starting point that we indicate to start playing

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Our Games & Tours

The challenge of Madrid

We propose a fun urban adventure to discover why Madrid is such a popular city. Guided by our downloadable app on your smartphone, you will have to walk along the most iconic streets and monuments, overcoming different missions and challenges in our urban escape game. An interactive experience with multimedia content to learn by playing on a journey through its history, culture, gastronomy,  buildings and lifestyle. Ideal to play with your partner, friends or family during 2-3 hours.

9.50 /per team
Gaudi’s secret

Gaudí's Secret is a fun cultural treasure hunt and urban escape room to explore the most iconic places in Barcelona with the help of the great architect. A game full of fun challenges, tests and puzzles to learn while playing, and help Gaudi find his treasure. Guided by our geolocatable app, you will walk from Pedrera to the Columbus Monument for 2-3 hours. Ideal to play with your partner, friends or family in an interactive challenge with multimedia content, photo misio missions, puzzles and much more.

0.00 /per team
Coming soon
The Secret of Seville

The city of Seville hides many stories and secrets that you can discover playing with your partner, friends or family. You will be able to walk and explore the old part of the city by solving fun challenges, puzzles and tests in our urban escape game. An interactive and geolocated experience guided by a historical story where you can learn by playing with the help of your mobile phone for 2-3 hours. Multimedia content, photographic evidence, puzzles and much more downloadable in our app. Find out!

9.50 /per team

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